Allowing your day-to-day scale weight dictate your progress?

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Allowing your day-to-day scale weight to dictate your progress, motivation and willpower?

It’s important to understand that there are surrounding factors that can have an influence on the reading that’s been taken at that specific time. So before you ‘give up’ next time you jump on the scales because you don’t see the results you wanted to see, take this into consideration.

Temporary changes in your body can result in temporary changes in body composition results (we’re not just about weight here).

We ourselves delve a little deeper into what body composition really means by way of Bioelectrical Impedance which measures total body water through impedance (resistance) readings.

Let’s start with exercise. Depending on whether you weigh in before or after your workout will depend on what your results are likely to show. During exercise water is concentrated to the area being exercised. Consequently, after you’ve exercised your impedance will decrease and as such your body fat. A rise in temperature (not just during exercise) has a similar effect in that your impedance will decrease and you’ll likely have a lower body fat reading.

In contrast, lower body temperatures increase impedance which are likely to show a lower fat free mass (generally a higher body fat reading).

Menstruation. A massively overlooked variant for you ladies but what actually is the impact? It’s worth noting that ladies your results will have a much more variability than that of men.

During the luteal phase of the cycle (day 14 onwards) total body weight will increase as a result of accumulation of total body water. Albeit the weight on the scales might appear to increase you’ll see during this phase a decrease in body fat. The increase in sweet food cravings during this period however could cause an accumulation of fat mass, which could have the adverse affect so try to keep those cravings in check. Generally, we’d recommend avoiding jumping on the scales during this phase and waiting until the follicular phase of the cycle.

Eating, toileting and infact weight itself all factor into the end result. So, if your results have taken a sudden turn for the worse, take a moment to understand that it simply might not be the case. Be as consistent as possible with your readings. Aim for the same time of day, time of the month, recall what you’ve eaten beforehand and even take into account what you’re wearing too! And remember, jumping on the scales every week and seeing results simply isn’t the going to happen. Look for overall patterns and trends and use that as your marker to keep your on track.

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