Feeling a Little Over-Indulged

By 23rd April 2019 No Comments

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Feeling a little over-indulged over the Easter Period? Maybe one too many drinks, an extra burger on the BBQ or one-too many Easter eggs?

Had a good weekend? Enjoyed socialising, having a bit of time off and spending time with loved ones? Believe it or not it’s okay to indulge every once in a while. It’s what happens next dictates your onward success.

Back in the gym and back into your routine? Great, you’re already one step ahead. Not quite made it back yet? Here’s where we it begins, stop putting blockers in the way and jump straight back in.

Even the smallest change in routine, believe it or not is enough to question your commitment and your hard work up until this point. Even more reason why it’s a must. It’s important to remember that one slightly over-indulged weekend isn’t going to undo what you’ve been working so hard at for the last 12 weeks. Whether you’ve eaten too many eggs or you’re still dipping your finger in the never ending supply you’ve now got in the house, now is the time to get straight back to it and regain some discipline for the 12 months to weeks to follow.

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