Liquid Calories

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Liquid calories. Yes, they exist.

Find yourself conveniently passing costa on your way to work? Grabbing something from the petrol station in a frenzy because you don’t get 5 minutes? Enjoy a beer after work particularly through the summer months?

Have you ever actually looked at what’s inside your drink? Know how many calories it contains? Do you log your ‘liquid calories’ if you’re a calorie tracker?

Doesn’t sound like much on the face of it? Tot it up for 7 days or even across the month and see what it looks like on a bigger scale.

The answers not give it up completely. Diet adherence is much more successful when you’ve got something in there that you actually enjoy. What we’d suggest; do your research and know exactly how many calories you’re drinking and where you can make an easy substitution.

Look at alternatives, if it’s coffee you’re drinking can you substitute with an alternative milk? If it’s alcohol can you opt for zero calorie mixers. Chances are it’s not going to taste all that different but it could save you 500+ calories across the week. Whether it’s coffee, fizzy drinks or alcohol, set yourself a limit, take it from 7 days to 5 and put some calories back in the bank.

The reality, if you’re not gaining weight all you need to do is push yourself into a slight calorie deficit to start to see the weight drop. Remember, sacrifice doesn’t have to be giving it all away.

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