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Non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

You’ll often hear us talk about both exercise and nutrition. You’ve heard it, seen the results but you’re still not quite ready to commit? You’re already exercising and feel like you’ve got a hold on your nutrition, but don’t feel like your results are justified?

So, here’s the bit in between. NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Pretty simple, it’s the energy we expend for everything we do which isn’t sleeping, eating or what we’d categorise as exercise. So what’s included? The walk from the car park to the office at work, typing, fidgeting, cleaning, it all counts.

NEAT explains the vast majority of your non-resting energy needs so if you’re looking for ways to increase your output it doesn’t always have to fall to the obvious. If it’s that you’ve had an extra couple of days rest from your usual training routine, you’ve indulged a little more than usual don’t feel guilty, put it to one side and get yourself moving that little bit more.

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