The most important thing is you.

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This is Fitness


Find yourself constantly yoyo-ing in and out of the path you’ve got planned?

The most important thing is you. Ask yourself this. What does the goal look like? What does accomplishment feel like? When the day comes to a close remember, the only one who it still impacts is you. It’s all you.

What others see, what others believe and what others comment won’t always be what you want to hear. What you achieve, what you reflect back on and how you feel, there’s nothing more real than that. The only person who’s standing alongside you at the end, it’s you. So start making it about you.

Find something you enjoy, find something you can commit to and find something that makes you feel good, like really good. The best you’ve felt about yourself in the last few years.

Looked at joining gyms in past, vowed to try out the local exercise class, even booked yourself in and bottled it last minute? You’re not alone. It’s a daunting step but let’s face it it’s possibly the best one you’ll take.

Motivation isn’t grown overnight, there’ll be moments of ‘why am I doing this’ and let’s be honest there’s times where it hits the fan and you’re dealt a hand of unexpected nasties and ‘going to the gym’ seems like the last thing on the list of priorities.

Switch it around. The feeling of achievement, a sense of belonging, a new found confidence it doesn’t stop there and it certainly doesn’t stop in the gym. Be invincible because we truly believe you can. It all starts with a ‘yes.’

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