The environment and the company in which you surround yourself has a direct reflection on the height of success.

With the right education, the right support and the right environment we truly believe you’re invincible.

Find yourself an environment which you’re confident is going to give you just that and surround yourself with others alike. Do just that and you’ll truly flourish, that’s where you’ll really succeed.

With power on your side we sincerely believe you’re unstoppable and don’t underestimate the power you can pass on.

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This is Fitness
This is Fitness


As a community we’re incredibly humbled to be able to support such a valuable local charity. Our members, their friends and their families have dedicated their support to A Child of Mine throughout the year and in years past.

They’ve donated, taken part in challenges and tested their comfort zones all to raise money for a vital cause.

Take a moment today to hear from Gayle about why A Child of Mine was founded and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming fundraisers.

The This is Fitness Team