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It has been said before, but this place is special. I have been a member at various gyms before, done what many people do - I have gone in with enthusiasm for the first few weeks, then effectively paid a fortune for the occasional time I go after that. Eventually I would cancel the membership until the next time. The reality is I didn't enjoy going to the gym, I didn't know what I was doing, and would spend my time on cardio machines - afraid of the weights.

I honestly look forward to my sessions at This is Fitness. Every session is different so I don't end up feeling bored. I always feel like I am working hard and making progress - the trainers are so friendly and encouraging, and help me safely leave my comfort zone. They have taught me what to do and how to do it. I love feeling stronger in myself, and actually having muscles!

If you are like me and don't enjoy going to the gym but want to feel fitter and stronger, I can't recommend This is Fitness enough.

Cath Robinson"It has been said before but this place is special"

6 weeks in and I absolutely love it here. Such a friendly and positive atmosphere compared to a regular gym. The staff are very welcoming, supportive and clearly know their profession. No worries about injury here as they make sure your technique is on point, you gain as much as you can from the sessions, they work with you and encourage you to push yourself and reach your goals. This place and the people in it, both staff and fellow gym goers are all absolute gems. Just wish I'd found them sooner.

Suzie Allcock"Just wish I'd found them sooner"

This Is Fitness has made going to the gym more bearable. I'm not a natural gym bunny and I was looking for a gym to help me get in shape but had been put off by previous gym experiences where I had felt like a fish out of water not knowing what to do.

The trainers at TiF have helped me include exercise into my daily routine. Everyone from trainer to trainee is friendly and encouraging no matter what level of fitness you are at.

If you are looking to join a gym then look no further than TiF.

Loraine Robinson"I'm not a natural gym bunny"