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This is Fitness

With week one complete we take a moment to check back in and see how the Teams are feeling as they step into the second week of their Accelerator Programme. They’ve made adjustments to their eating routines, they’ve an increased awareness of their activity levels and there’s no greater need for rest in between their activity.

There’s already some visible results, there’s very much a greater awareness and there’s certainly some ‘better feeling’ individuals.

“I started the Accelerator pretty sceptical whether anything could motivate me but the education and the support from the coaches right from the off was just what I needed.

I’ve had support from both my direct Team, the Accelerator Team as a whole and all of the coaches at TIF too.

It’s a back to basics approach that works for me, has given me a focus and is quite honestly the only thing that I can say I’ve stuck to in a while.

– Lydia Hilton, Acceleratee.




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