TIF Winter Games 2019

By 30th April 2019 No Comments

The date has been set and the spaces are filling up fast. With our ‘TIF Winter Games’ date in situ the preparations are underway and the training has begun.

We’ve pledged another memorable morning and one which we can’t wait to deliver. From our longest-standing members to those who’ve been with us for a much shorter period of time, we’re even confident that we’ve yet to meet some of our newest who will be with us and taking part. From complete beginner to fitness enthusiast the combination of skill and experience is what makes the morning such a morning to remember. It’s one of team building, team spirit and an atmosphere like no other.

New boundaries, new challenges and a test of comfort zones is certainly on the horizon and we can’t wait to tally up the achievements and see smiles on so many faces. It’s certainly not too late to get involved.


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