Thinking of jumping on the scales pre-New Year?

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Thinking of jumping on the scales ‘pre-New Year’ or even on the 1st January to make known your starting point? Let’s face it, you know what your starting point looks like and you know yourself if you’ve put on a couple of lbs over Christmas.

Ask yourself this; have you enjoyed your break? Have you enjoyed socialising, having a bit of time off or maybe you’ve eaten a few extra mince pies because you’ve done the Christmas shift and quite frankly you deserved them? So then ask yourself this; why tell yourself different and regret what you’ve actually enjoyed simply because you’ve got on the scales and might have put on an extra lb or two? 

If you’ve been working hard all year round, the days between Christmas and New Year aren’t going to undo the work you’ve already put in. They’re not going to knock your fitness levels, they’re not going to do away with the lean muscle you’ve developed over the last 12 months and they’re certainly not going to be the reason you don’t feel confident on the beach in 6 months time. 

Not been working at it for the last 12 months then honestly, don’t worry about it. Changing habits doesn’t come overnight and at Christmas there’s the added hurdles of christmas get togethers, family gatherings and children’s parties. Guess what. Getting on the scales now and reinforcing what you’ve not done for the last 12 months when you’ve probably eaten your bodyweight in Christmas Pudding over the last few weeks isn’t what you need to kick start the New Year. Believe it or not, even if you think the shock factor might be what you need to kick you into gear, we promise you it’s not. 

Take your focus away from what you already know and put it into something you don’t. Try something new; choose something and make a commitment to it, you might not fall for it over night but if you can see the end goal chances are it’s worth it.

Challenge yourself to something that’s actually achievable. Something you can pat yourself on the back to and say ‘I did that well done.’ It doesn’t have to be running a marathon in 2019, something as simple as walking to work twice a week, there’s no greater feeling than self-accomplishment and let’s face it if it gets you moving more now than you do already it’s a tick in the box.

Get onboard with a friend, a reliable one at that, if you enjoy it you’re far more likely to stick it. 

Don’t focus on what you haven’t done, focus your attention on something measurable, something you’ve yet to achieve and something you’ll be proud to say ‘I did that.’ 

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