Well done Loraine

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This is Fitness

August sees us as a community celebrate the success, hard work and sheer commitment of the fabulous Loraine.

For those who know Loraine or who’ve possibly crossed paths with Loraine during a session you’ll know firsthand that where there’s banter, there’s Loraine and we can honestly say there’s never been a dull moment.

Banter aside we’d like you to take a moment with us in commending Loraine’s sheer hard work and commitment over the 12 months past.

When Loraine started with us back last summer she was the first to admit her lack of enjoyment for exercise (and yes it’s still true!) yet regardless, her consistency over the past 12 months has been nothing less than applaudable. Loraine’s a hard worker and it’s fair to say that hard work itself goes a long way.

Loraine, you’re an asset to us as a community, from your willpower to your welcoming nature, you’re a role model to us all. Consistency certainly isn’t a trait to be overlooked and Loraine’s proof that it’s the key to success.

The This is Fitness Team

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