What I’ve Really Appreciated is the Attention to Detail and Sense of Community.

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This is Fitness

After 8+ years in London I relocated to my hometown in May. At the top of my list was finding somewhere I could train and continue my fitness journey after some time out with a back injury.

Being no fan of big intimidating gyms and having previously worked with personal trainers I knew that this worked for me but where did I start finding a PT? Then I came across This is Fitness, I got a response to my email straight away inviting me for a chat. From the moment I stepped into the gym I knew that I had found the place that was right for me. During the my first visit the Team explained the TIF approach, the gym wasn’t at all intimidating and there was real sense of community with people actually chatting with each other.

I completed the 30 Day Trial which was a great way to get involved with everything TIF has to offer from PT through to classes. Each of the trainers have their own style and what has really struck me is the consistent approach and philosophy to focus on the foundations building strength and confidence.

I’ve not looked back since joining TIF and alongside improving my fitness what I’ve really appreciated is the attention to detail and sense of community. I’ve taken part in challenges, met some amazing people and most importantly been encouraged all the way. To me this has been the absolute unexpected bonuses of joining TIF.

If you are looking to start your fitness journey or like me get back into it then you will definitely not regret giving TIF a try.

– TIF Member

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