Congratulations Nicki

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Well done Nicki

September sees us celebrate the success of the slightly crazy and extremely fabulous Nicki.

Over the last 6 weeks Nicki’s adopted a few changes to her usual routine. She’s welcomed a change in behaviours, some adaptations to her nutritional and exercise routines and she’s been encouraged to test her willpower that little bit more than she has done in past. Nicki’s taken it all in her stride and we’re incredibly proud to see that Nicki’s not just looking but feeling as fabulous.

Despite some initial challenges Nicki’s had some truly fantastic body compositional changes from a 9lb loss to a 4% reduction in body fat. More noticeably and more importantly Nicki’s reported back that’s she’s feeling stronger, fitter and more ‘alive.’

Nicki’s bagged herself a greater understanding of the why that sits behind her nutrition, her recovery and the fuelling of her exercise. That coupled with her sheer determination, consistency and huge smile leads us to say a massive well done and keep up the great work.

It’s been a fantastic 2019 and we wish Nicki all the best as she goes on to run the Berlin Marathon in the coming month. Nicki, you’re a superstar and we couldn’t be prouder to share your achievements, your journey and your craziness!

The This is Fitness Team

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