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Fad Diets

Not started your New Years Resolutions but still looking to make a dent in January?

Juice plus, Clean 9, Carb Free, with the right application they’re all going to get fast results. Remaining focused for a short period of time seems appealing? Putting the work in for 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks and bagging yourself similar if not the same results. Sounds great?

The reality, come March, if not sooner, maybe even February you’ll likely be back to where you started if not further behind and better still with an unhealthier relationship with food and even more frustration with the process.

Hard work and a long-term commitment are all the ingredients needed to get you where you want to be. With realistic and sustainable changes you’re far less likely to see the reverse effect and you’re 100% less likely to develop the unmanageable and life-controlling relationship with food that we all desperately want to avoid.

No idea where to start? Set yourself some short term goals, make it meaningful, hold yourself accountable and make sure it’s something you’re able to continue doing in 6 months time.

Good luck.

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