It’s simple, moderation.

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With Christmas fast approaching and healthy eating becoming a tad more of a challenge than usual we see it fitting to say actually, it’s okay. ‘Diet’ as we all refer to it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t undo itself overnight either.

Over the festive period naturally you’ll find yourself eating out a little more, socialising that little bit more and maybe even having a festive drinks. What’s the trick so you don’t detail yourself completely? It’s simple, moderation. Got 4 meals out planned over the weekend? You might want to be sensible and ditch a couple of desserts but there’s no need to ditch the meals completely!

It’s an 80/20 mix. 80% of the good stuff, with a dash of the not so good stuff. Mix it with a sprinkle of consistency and you’ve got yourself progress.

It doesn’t come overnight and it’s all about making things sustainable for the future. We understand that progress isn’t always linear, we understand that it’s not easy, but most importantly we understand that for the most part we just want to make that little bit of a difference; to move a little bit easier, wear the dress that’s been hanging in the wardrobe for the past 12 months (maybe even from last Christmas!) move a little bit more comfortably, feel a little more energised.

Christmas is no different and it’s certainly not time to turn your normal habits upside down. So let’s make it simple:

Enjoy 80% of the good stuff, throw in a dash of the not so good stuff, but keep it consistent. When the 20% turns into 40% and 50% that’s when you need to worry.

Been out an enjoyed some Christmas pud? That is allowed! Get moving a little bit more, take yourself out for an evening stroll even squeeze in the extra gym session if it gives you peace of mind.

Remember, habits aren’t created overnight and they certainly aren’t undone overnight either. If you’ve worked hard all year round a few relaxed days over Christmas won’t undo your progress. If that’s not you and you need a nudge, don’t wait until the New Year, start creating good habits today!


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