Liquid calories. Yes they do exist, no they’re not the devil.

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Liquid calories. Yes, they exist and no, they’re not the devil.


Find yourself conveniently passing costa on your way to work? Grabbing something from the petrol station in a frenzy because you don’t get 5 minutes? Ever actually looked at what’s inside your drink? Know how many calories it contains? Do you log your ‘liquid calories’ if you’re a calorie tracker?


We’ve done the research for you:
Large Costa Latte (Takeaway) made with whole milk: 283 calories

Large Costa Hot Chocolate (Takeaway) made with whole milk: 537 calories

Starbucks Large Chai Latte: 310 calories

330ml can of Pepsi: 135 calories

250ml Can Red Bull: 110 calories

Medium McDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake: 331 calories


Another one to watch out for; calories do infact differ whether you’re drinking in or taking away. A large Costa Mocha made with whole milk infact comes in at 455 calories if you sit in and slightly higher at 469 calories to take away.

Doesn’t sound like much? Add it up for 7 days and the difference infact is a rather surprising 98 calories. Stretch it out across the month and it looks more like 392.

The answers not give it up completely. Diet adherence is much more successful when you’ve got something in there that you actually enjoy. What we’d suggest; do your research and know exactly how many calories you’re drinking and whether drinking in or taking away does infact make a difference.


Look at alternatives, if it’s coffee you’re drinking can you substitute with an alternative milk? Chances are it’s not going to taste all that difference but it could save you 500+ calories across the week. Whether it’s coffee, fizzy drinks or energy drinks, limit yourself, if you’re having more than 1 a day, reduce it to 1, take it from 7 days to 5 and put some calories back in the bank.


Chances are if you’re not gaining weight all you need to do is push yourself into a slight calorie deficit to start to see the weight drop. Remember, sacrifice doesn’t have to be giving it all away.

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