New Years Resolutions?

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Looking ahead to the New Year and already some resolutions in the pipeline? We’re all for taking on new challenges and setting new goals just remember, changes have to be made to stay. Make it a habit; engrain it into your routine until it doesn’t even become a thought. 

Research shows that 88% of us Brit’s don’t continue our New Years Resolutions into the following year, with a huge 45% actually not making it past the first month. So ask yourself this, why make it a resolution and why not just make it a lifestyle change. Think habit, think long term and think achievable. 

Set one resolution, make it a good one and make it stick. Put your energy, focus and attention into one. Once you’ve nailed that, then and only then is it time to introduce a second. 

Don’t set previously failed New Years Resolutions. If you’ve not previously seen it through ask yourself why, is it different this time. Did you set the bar too high? Was it specific enough? Did you give it your all? 

Don’t base it on what everyone else is doing; it’s about you, make it personal. Chances are if you don’t make it about you you’ll have far less chance of really carrying it through and the sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed it simply won’t be the same. 

Break your goal down into smaller steps. Make sure you know exactly how you’re going to adhere and what’s really required. If it’s a new eating routine make sure you’ve done your research. Know when you’re going to go shopping, how much preparation time is needed and whether it’s something you’re going to be able to carry on following in 6 weeks time. If the answers no revisit what you’ve set. 

Reward yourself. When we say reward yourself we don’t mean with the obvious, food. If you’ve hit a milestone and lost the half a stone you’d set out to lose treat yourself, a new item of clothing, something that’s going to help keep you on track; feel good about your progress and show everyone how well you’ve done, you’ve earned it and there’s no better feeling than feeling good. 

Tell your friends and family. Get them onboard, let them help and share the love. If it’s a habit you’re able to stick to as a family when you’re not feeling 100% and need a nudge in the right direction, they’ll be there. 

Remind yourself why. If you don’t you’ll question why you’re doing it! Let’s face it, it’s easy but it’s absolutely worth it. 

Write down your plan and log your progress. Be accountable, be structured and show yourself how it’s going to be done. When things start to get tough, with a clear plan and some accountability to what you’ve set you’ll be able to remind yourself why and refocus fairly easily! 

Expect setbacks. Nobody said it’s easy. Chances are if you’ve got all of the above covered when you face a setback you’ll be far more likely to stick to the plan. 

Good luck.

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