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Sometimes it comes back to simplicity; hard work and commitment alone is enough to show you results. The extent of your results is ultimately determined by how much you put in.

Julie’s given it some over the last 9 months and her results really do show. With an incredible 9.5 stone lost (60.8kg) and a staggering 73 1/4 inches gone she’s very much of an advocate of ‘yes you can’ and ‘just move that little bit more.’

An initial change to Julie’s routine lead to better eating habits, increased energy levels and consequently the desire to do that little bit more. If you ask Julie how, she won’t give herself enough credit but she certainly would say that she wouldn’t have expected her results to come in as they have thus far. With the mindset of ‘let’s see what we can do’ she’s shown the world sometimes all you’ve got to do is try!

Julie’s changed her life for the better and we’ve been incredibly proud to share her journey to date. Julie’s got some short-term goals to keep her on track over the festive period and we’re really looking forward to seeing what exciting new challenges 2019 brings.

Well done Julie you’re a superstar.


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