Started January Strong?

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Started January Strong?

Started January strong but your motivation and commitment starting to become questionable and possibly even waiver. The end of January is fast approaching and chances are if you’ve hit it hard, nutrition, exercise and anything else out the ordinary, you’re starting to feel the strain go you’re starting to question why you’re doing it.

Don’t. Just rein it back in slightly, give yourself some leeway and in the majority of cases you should probably give yourself a pat on the back! Results don’t happen overnight. Let’s face it if they did everyone would be at it. You’ve started so quite simply don’t give up.

Evaluate what you’ve done; decide what’s worked well and what not so much.

Plan for what comes next, whether it’s keeping it consistent for another month, whether it’s introducing some more activity or whether it’s putting something of normality back into routine now you’ve got a hold on it all.

Implement. Quite simply carry out what you’ve said you will and give yourself some form of accountability at the end, whether it be end of month measurements, a performance related goal or even something fun and physical that you’ve never envisaged yourself completing before. Make it something that’s going to make you proud, our you in a great headspace and give you the confidence to keep going.

Once you’ve hit it give yourself some credit, evaluate, plan and it’s time to go again.

Good luck


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