Think of it as a bank account..

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Consistency, enjoyment and efficiency are we like to think as the fundamentals which will ultimately lead to success.

What better way to wipeout all three; injury. It doesn’t have to be the ‘wipe you off your feet kind’ either. The one that quietly reminds you it’s there during every rep, that counts too.

Training every day at 100% intensity, beating yourself up if you miss a workout? More is better, right? Wrong. Training 4/5 times a week for the most of us isn’t justifiable, achievable or better still productive. If you work an incredibly stressful job, you sleep less than 6 hours a night, booze 3/4 times a week then quite honestly putting yourself through your paces 5 times a week in the gym is likely to hinder your progress rather than help it.

For the vast majority of us we simply can’t recover and consequently won’t benefit from lots of incredibly high intense exercise. That said, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to work hard when you’re in the gym, you just need to be aware of what actually fuels your output.

Think of it as a bank account; stress, drinking, lack of sleep, exercising and poor nutrition are cash withdrawals. Down time, sleep, good nutrition and hydration are cash deposits. If you get yourself in debt then you are at a much higher risk of injury, fatigue or just general disengagement.

We’re very much an advocate of daily movement however know that you don’t have to scrape yourself off the floor after every session. Feeling energised after a session is a good thing, remember why you’re there!

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