As the 6 week Lockdown marker hits it seems only fair to take a moment to reflect. We start by saying another hand on heart thank you; to our members and to our team. We’re grateful for our safety and those closest to us and as we vowed in some 6 weeks past we continue to serve our community during these unprecedented times.

We look to the sunshine, to the better days ahead and to the times of more ‘normality’ and it’s here we bring you hope, faith and trust in all that we’re doing behind closed doors.

Our pledge has always and will continue to be to keep our members safe. To give them confidence and to make them feel comfortable whatever that takes. One of the first to close our doors, one of the only to transition our entire service provision to an online platform and we’ll be one of the strongest to return.

Whilst our doors have been closed we’ve been working on something special. We’re not quite ready to reveal that just yet but what we can tell you is this, when our doors are ready to reopen we’ve got you covered.

Safe zones will continue to dictate session safety for our entire community. No unexpected crossover with others and strictly no equipment sharing. Our rigorous cleaning routine will see these zones and their equipment cleaned before you enter every single session (that’s every 60 minutes on the dot) and we’ve located a dedicated hand wash station on the upper floor. Doors will remain open to eliminate the only touch points and you’ll be welcomed back with an abundance of gels and sanitizers.

Our penultimate focus is safety. The safety of our members, our staff and our wider community. Our members trust and belief in their health and their safety really is our number one.

As the transition to This is Fitness 2.0 continues we must also let you know that TIF LIVE is here to stay.

The future is bright. Join us for the ride #togetherstronger



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