“The New Normal” – Michael Parr

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This is Fitness

For reasons unknown, I’ve been asked to write another thing for This Is Fitness – it’s a little odd, as
I’ve not written a single thing about anything for a hot minute whilst the world has been slowly
ending. That is mostly down to motivation, or the severe lack of it. When you’re stuck indoors on
your own for the best part of three months, having things to write about other than the latest
cobweb in the lounge is difficult.

Motivation is something that a lot of people have lacked during lockdown. Whether it’s motivation
to write, get dressed, or eat anything other than crisps, it’s been really hard for lots of people to do
‘normal’ things. ‘Normal’ is a strange old word these days, what is ‘normal’? It was ‘normal' for me
to fill my car with petrol every week, I haven’t done so since March. The ‘new normal’ has crept in,
and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s a thing we have to get used to.
I don’t say this with bias, or because I’ve been asked to write by the powers that be, but This Is
Fitness has remained one of the only constants during lockdown. One of the only things that has
been as ‘normal’ as it was pre-lockdown, despite the monumental changes that have had to occur
to enable the gym to function as much as possible.

Quite often the prospect of having to do a small group PT session has been the only reason I’ve
got changed that day, not that I’m complaining about being in PJs all day – it’s been bliss. I can’t
say I’ve looked forward to every single PT session, especially at the start of lockdown. I think that’s
when motivation was at an all time low. But, you can’t let people down, at least I can’t.

I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to attend two PT sessions every week of the lockdown –
sometimes I have not wanted to, sometimes I’ve found it completely horrible for every second
throughout (that’s down to my laziness and supreme lard, nothing else). On the other hand, it’s
been a proper laugh, and it’s been lovely maintain and improve the relationships between trainers
and members. I’ve found the same with work as I have done with This Is Fitness – an ‘upside’ of
lockdown is being able to communicate more meaningfully with people you may not have done
with before. Long may that continue.

As I said similarly last time I sat down and wrote about This Is Fitness, the commitment and behind
the scenes work of the whole team has been invaluable. The ability to grasp something as awful as
this lockdown, with the prospect of businesses having to give up and shut down, and turn it into
something to grow from and improve with, is inspiring. It all boils down to respect; respect from
This Is Fitness to its members to always want to do better and provide better, and respect from the
members to This Is Fitness, to continue supporting and benefiting from all the hard work put in by

The prospect of doing something as ‘normal’ as going to the gym for a couple of hours is exciting,
even for a lump like myself. Never did I think I’d look forward to getting back to the gym. I, like
others, will return with new friendships and connections with people who I didn’t know previously.
The prospect of returning to a new-and-improved gym is also very exciting, although I’m getting
impatient at all the teasing photos and information about what we’re having prepared for us – tell

As an organisation and as a community, This Is Fitness has continued to provide a glimpse of
normality in lockdown. Despite myself swearing at awful laminate flooring, moaning about bloody
burpees and sitting there three minutes before a PT session starts wishing for the internet to
crumble – I can safely say that after the workout, all is well, regrets are minimal and the feeling of
having done something beneficial for myself throughout lockdown has been nothing but a positive.

– Michael Parr
TIF Member

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