“TIF in Isolation”

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This is Fitness

You have probably noticed by now that the world is having a little moment, and normal life is a distant
memory. Things we’d do on a regular basis have been put to bed for the foreseeable; going to the shops,
meeting friends for coffee, and going to the gym. I never thought I’d be the type of person to miss the gym,
but here we are. When I say ‘miss the gym’, I miss the physical motion of driving to the gym and going
elsewhere to do a small group PT session and then coming home again (I don’t miss the stairs…)

However, the world has put a stop to this for now. There was a tiny part of me thinking I’d got away with not
having to do any exercise at all for months on end. I doubt I was the only one thinking ‘How can This Is
Fitness, a gym, exist without there being a gym to go to?’ Well, somehow, they’ve pulled it off.

I say ‘somehow’, it doesn’t take much time to realise that Liam and the rest of the This Is Fitness gang have
achieved the near impossible. In record time, and no doubt involving and awful lot of blood, sweat and tears,
we now have zero excuse to miss the gym with TIF LIVE. Any hope of being let off exercising has been well
and truly eradicated. I think that’s a good thing…

This Is Fitness LIVE is achieved through the power of the video conference computer wizardry that is Zoom.
You know, that thing you’d never heard of two months ago, but now half the world uses it on a daily basis.
Still keeping the fundamentals of the small group PT sessions, all from discomfort, sweat and pain of your
own home. Any hopes of PT being easier from home are dashed away around fifteen minutes into the
session; it’s still bloody hard at home! Despite not being in the This Is Fitness gym environment, you still
manage to work up a sweat and feel absolutely knackered by the end of the 50 minutes.

It doesn’t take long to realise why you still get the same level of workout at home than in the gym; the
fundamentals of This Is Fitness are not lost through the webcam. Trainers are still providing amazing
individual support, you still get the benefit of 4:1 small group PT sessions, and you still feel the camaraderie
of those in your small group despite the miles that separate everyone. If you thought you’d be getting a
second-rate workout by not being in the gym, think again.

The idea of putting yourself in front of the camera and wriggling around on the floor for an hour-or-so might
be completely daunting to you, and that’s understandable. Whether it’s because technology is the enemy, or
it seems just plain weird to broadcast yourself from your lounge sweating like a beast, it’s a bigger hurdle for
some to jump than others. It’s worth taking the jump, trust me.

All the staff are more than happy to bend over backwards to get you confident and connected to be able to
join in with TIF LIVE. Judging by the comments on the Facebook group, there’s plenty of people who have
been nervous about it at first, but taking the plunge and joining in has been far easier and more successful
than ever imagined. The This Is Fitness community have proven you don’t need any fancy equipment at
home to have a successful workout, all you need is a bit of enthusiasm, a big glass of water, and a bigger
glass of wine to congratulate yourself with at the end of it all.

It goes without saying that TIF LIVE and everything else that is on offer from This Is Fitness throughout this
period of uncertainty and unpredictability has not been possible without the near-impossible work and
dedication from Liam and every single person involved in the running of This Is Fitness. It would be too easy
to shut up shop and think about it once the storm has blown over, but it’s very safe to say the complete
opposite has happened here, and I won’t be the only one who is incredibly grateful and appreciative of all the
hard work that has gone into making TIF LIVE an utter success. Thank you very much indeed to you all.

If after reading all that, you’re tempted to give TIF LIVE a go, then crack on and do it! There’s all the help in
the world to get you set up and involved with small group PT sessions, Build group sessions, trainer
challenges, light shows unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and loads more exciting events that the
staff and This Is Fitness community is providing for everyone. There is even some stuff that doesn’t involve
getting absolute bloody knackered, slumped on the lounge floor PLEADING not to have to do five more

Go for it, it’s the perfect distraction from everything that’s going on. And you can feel really smug about it
afterwards. Perfect.

– Michael Parr
TIF Member

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