We continue to serve our members, our community and our team.

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The doors may be closed for now but we continue to serve our members, our community and our team during this unprecedented time.

From the first talks of Covid-19 to its rapid increase in numbers, onward to social distancing and indeed into lockdown itself, we’ve adapted and we’ve delivered every step of the way. Our members safety and our members trust has always (Covid-19 or otherwise) and will continue to be our number one priority. It’s fair to say that that’s a pretty brash statement in that every ‘gym’ and indeed every facility will brand themselves as having their members interests at the forefront of everything they do; the difference we wear it on our sleeve. What our members need, we deliver. And that’s exactly our vow, to continue to serve our community through to the other side any beyond.

Cue, TIF LIVE. Our members have been enjoying this now for a little while now, we’ve created a bridge, an escape and a platform for our members to continue to access everything This is Fitness. Familiar sounds, familiar feels and indeed familiar sights.

The delivery, the structure and the sessions themself remain very much the same as those in the gym. The difference? Instead of heading to the gym you choose which room in your home suits you best. Soak up the sun and get your daily dose of vitamin D, head to the living room and pop us on the big screen or jump in the conservatory to escape the kids. All that really matters is that you’re logging in.

See the same faces, experience the same banter and feel exactly the same sense of achievement once your session is complete.

Sessions aside we’ve recruited our members in their fields of expertise, we’ve added some activities which promise top notch banter and we’ve made sure you can access something every single day.

Our coaches are accessible every step of the way and our members provide each other with support like you wouldn’t believe. Whether you’re a serial exerciser or completely new into the game we encompass it all. The foundations are solid, the support is huge and love is endless.

We don’t deny life’s different right now, we acknowledge there has been (and still will many difficult days) but what we’d say if you’re looking for some strength and some hope in the days ahead is to set yourself a good routine. With routine you’ll find some safety, you’ll suppress some anxious thoughts and in turn you’ll feel more in control. Be kind to yourself and remember, you are not alone.

– The This is Fitness Team

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